External pavements and ramps

Australian Standard Reference SA HB:198 2014 Table 3B External ramps including sloping driveways, footpaths, etc., under 1:14, external sales areas (e.g., markets), external carpark areas, external colonnades, walkways, pedestrian crossings, verandas, carport. driveways, courtyards, and roof decks. Minimum wet pendulum classification deemed suitable P4

NATA Accreditation

Slip Lab has NATA Accreditation, (Accreditation No 20858) which means you can be assured that our standards meet the highest guidelines. When businesses choose a NATA accredited supplier they can be sure that:  Accredited specifications will be met  There will be certainty and reliability in the supply chain They can rely on the supplier’s technical competence and capability  Like can be compared to …

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