Dry floor friction testing

The Principle

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The coefficient of friction of the specimen is assessed by determining the dynamic friction between the specimen and a slider moving at a constant speed of 1 ±0.1 m/min. across the surface by measuring the ratio of the tangential force to the vertical load.

The floor friction tester is a portable self-powered apparatus. It records the dynamic coefficient of friction electronically 4 data points per second.

Contamination such as dust and dirt can significantly reduce the slip resistance values. This highlights the importance of regular maintenance throughout the day, such as fringe mopping or sweeping, as pedestrian traffic generates and distributes dust and dirt throughout the building.

If a pedestrian surface is liable to become wet, and remain wet and unattended for any significant time, the wet pendulum test method should be used.

Laboratory Classifications

The test samples shall be such that they provide a cumulative minimum test path length of 800mm and shall reflect the nature and purpose of the test. A minimum of two runs, each of cumulative path length of 800±50mm, shall be used. The minimum size of the sample shall be sufficient to give an 800mm path length. Where the sample size is smaller than this, additional samples shall be fixed to a suitable surface to provide the minimum required specimen size.

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