Slip Resistance Testing Services

Slip Resistance Rating

SlipLab is committed to providing our customers with a professional high-quality service with reliable, unbiased test results and interpretations.

All testing activities shall be carried out in accordance with stated methods and our customers’ requirements.

Our standard for service will exceed our customer expectations for accurate, repeatable, and impartial test results.

SlipLab understands the confidential and proprietary nature of our customer’s materials, processes, and information. It is our policy to protect each customer’s information by honouring confidentiality agreements.

Wet pendulum testing

SlipLab undertakes both laboratory and in-situ testing in accordance with AS 4586, to verify the slip-resistance classification of a surface or material.

Dry floor friction testing

Easy to interpret reports

Programmed facility testing

Complimentary preparation of site testing schedules and timely reminders

Risk Assessments

Assessing potential risks associated with flooring materials within your building

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Component 4 –

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Remediation work consultations and pedestrian surface risk assessments

Component 3 –

NATA Accredited Laboratory

Sydney based on site and laboratory testing

Component 5 –

Slip testing for new and existing pedestrian surfaces

Professional, reliable slip resistance rating

Component 2 –

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